Our Pastor

Pastor Deon was born in the state of Michigan. He is a 2004 graduate of Piedmont Baptist College (now Piedmont International University) in Winston-Salem, NC. In addition to serving as a Senior Pastor, Pastor Deon has served as an Associate Pastor, Church Planting Missionary, Christian School Teacher, Music Leader, Sports Program Director, Rescue Mission Chaplain, and Sports Chaplain.

Pastor Deon has been married to his wife Julie since 2001. They have 4 children.

Pastor Deon’s interests include reading, writing, watching movies, listening to music, and watching sports.

His vision is our mission.

Our History

– In April 1926, 9 people began meeting in a home in High Point, NC.
– In 1928, after growing to 35 people, this group became known as North Park Sunday School.
– On February 10, 1929, North Park Baptist Church was officially organized.
– Then, North Park Baptist Church purchased property on Putnam Street (High Point, NC), with the help of Green Street Baptist Church (High Point, NC).
– Some Green Street Baptist Church members served at North Park Baptist Church during its early days.
– In 1942, North Park Baptist Church purchased our current church property (620 East Lexington Avenue, High Point, NC).
– In 1948, North Park Baptist Church became Lexington Avenue Baptist Church.
– On September 25, 2011, Lexington Avenue Baptist Church became Life on Lexington Church, a satellite extension of Life Community Church (Jamestown, NC).
– Some Life Community Church members served at Life on Lexington Church during its first few years.
– On March 1, 2015, Life on Lexington Church became a church plant with a goal of becoming “self-supporting” (financially independent) by March 4, 2018.
– On March 4, 2018, Life on Lexington Church graduated, officially becoming a “self-supporting” (financially independent) church.

Our Beliefs

– We believe the Christian Bible is the truthful, literal, eternal word of God.
– We believe the Lord Jesus Christ is God, King, Lord, and the only potential Savior of humanity.
– We believe Satan, the Devil (formerly known as Lucifer) is a real, evil, powerful, fallen angel whose agenda is to undermine the will of God.
– We believe humanity is sinful, but by the mercy and grace of God, humanity has the potential to be freed from the eternal consequences of their sinfulness, by permanently surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus Christ; and humanity has the potential to overcome their temporary addiction to sin by the power of God.
– We believe that Christians (Jesus’ church) are called by God to worship, love, and serve God, and to love and serve humanity (like Jesus loves and serves humanity).

What does our church look like?

Life on Lexington Church is made up of people of various ages, various life experiences, various shades of skin, and various financial statuses. We are determined not to allow our differences to divide us. We choose to celebrate the uniqueness we were created with and focus on what unites us; our common origin from a loving God and our common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are not perfect people, but we have a perfect Savior. We are a group of broken people who are lovingly, mercifully, and graciously being mended by God.

No matter what color you are, no matter how old you are, and no matter how you are living your life, you are welcome to come to our church, and worship God with us. God welcomes all of us, just as we are, but God doesn’t want any of us to remain as we are. God wants to rescue, redeem, and remake all of us, for our good and for His glory.